To The Supporters &
Contributors of Our Street Takeover Summer

This email is a thank you and an apology. This summer we hosted a series of events, as a way to reclaiming a type of experience that seems lost to New York. The series saw some successes and some misses, and we are writing to take full responsibility for both right now.

Below is the story of the summer and everything that is coming next.

Where We Come From

Over the past ten years, we’ve had huge successes, some spectacular failures, and some adventures that defy description. For those following our story from the beginning, you’ve been with us through dozens of street parties, illegal warehouse parties, subway parties, and more for over a decade.

The Danger events were born from an activist / anarchist ethos tinged with a touch of art, the spirit of poetry and music to fuel the night. The events were, at their core, illegal and a thing of art more than commerce. This for us and many of you, is what made them so interesting. We took over forbidden spaces, creating experiences that seemed impossible within locations that could never be legit. When it works, it’s an incredible thing.

When it doesn’t work, it can be heartbreaking.

More Recently

We’ve grown up. We now host legal parties, across New York City and beyond. Last year we premiered a new location to the world, The Manor, a 72-room gothic mansion on the north edge of the city. (More to come there this fall.)

These legal events have been cleaner, more elaborate, more richly detailed, more decadent, less raw, and a little more expensive than our underground beginnings.

We are thrilled about our upcoming program of legal events coming this fall. It starts on October 29th (Halloween Weekend) with a return to the Manor for a massive, decadent masquerade party stretched across three acres, the a full experience of the 72 room gothic mansion and so much more. Then, of course, there is New Year’s Eve.

But before that, we wanted to try something different this summer... something wild and unpermitted…. to create an ode to the gritty outsider spirit that this city has always been prized for... an energy that we cut our teeth on.

We decided to take to the streets.

The Lost New York

It feels as though New York City itself has forgotten it’s raw underpinnings. This summer we sought to ask the question: does this town still want to take the streets? Does it want the fire in the night? Does it want to ask for forgiveness instead of permission? Is the unapologetic spirit of this city forgotten, or simply faded?

This series of three street takeover events was our way of discovering the answer.

Saturday, July 9th was an incredible full-throated, wet, sweaty throwdown on the edge of Manhattan. Saturday, July 30th was a delicate, intimate adventure in Dumbo. And the climax was to be Saturday, September 3rd, with a renegade nightclub built on the broken banks of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

For more photos from The Night, click here.

What happened this past Saturday was simply this:

We rented the location at 24 Oak St. with permission from the manager and full insurance. As the night began, someone tipped off the owner of the vacant property we were setup on. He was much less enthusiastic about the scale of the party than our guests were. He sent his people and the event was closed down just as it was warming up. In many ways this is the nature of a true renegade event.

Many of you were able to get a brief taste of the experience we built for The Night. Many, many of you didn’t. We are sorry for that.

I want to say again, I’m sorry to everyone who was disappointed in this outcome. We are deeply disappointed as well.

It’s been amazing hearing from so many of you who want the renegade energy of New York City to remain, and who appreciate the risks involved. Thank you.

Even attempting this was a nearly impossible task, and as the early shutdown on Saturday shows, the era of renegade New York City may simply be over. At least it is for us.

For this series of three events, we spent $63,500, including artist payments, payments to the spaces, insurance, renting generators and sound systems, and more. Contributions from you, the community, covered $51,372, with the difference coming out of our pockets.

We did this because we believe in you, in this city, and the night.

For everyone who contributed to this project, we'd like to extend a special “thank you” offering equal to your contribution at the upcoming You Are So Lucky events at The Manor on Saturday, October 29th (a Halloween masquerade) or Saturday, December 31st (New Year’s Eve).

To apply your contribution toward the experience
of either of these events, click here.


If you require a full refund of your donation to this project, please forward your PayPal receipt to

Thank you to everyone who has taken this summer long adventure with us. This fall we go back to our regularly scheduled program of over-the-top legal events in spaces unlike anything else in New York City.

If you are up the next an adventure, one that is sanctioned, legal but still thrilling decadent and just a touch wild… please join us this fall for the next iteration of You Are So Lucky at the Manor.

Yours in every way,
-William Etundi Jr.
And the team of dozens of artists and
creators behind The Danger & You Are So Lucky

w Short version, for people skipping to the end:
We tried to do a crazy thing, it worked in moments failed in others, and if you want a make-up for your contribution, click here.

For more of all this now and into the future,

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