I have a secret to share with you.

This city has a soul.

It's one of fire, of granite and gorgeous
nights. It's born from generations of
artists, of seekers, of fearless
creators. It's consummated in
the darkness, on dancefloors,
in kisses from strangers.
It feels faded but
never forgotten.

...experience it this saturday at...
The Night

you are invited to experience the premier of

The Night

~ Secret Location | North Brooklyn ~
Saturday September 3rd | 10pm through very late

Tickets are extremely limited.

999 Donor Tickets (Sold Out)

A Limited Number of Additional Tickets Will be Made Available
Thursday, September 1st at 4pm

Dancefloor by:
Wolf + Lamb

Midnight Spectacle by:
The Night Circus

Delicate Touches & Artful Landscape by:
Alexandra Belle & Co.

Busses & Fire & Bedlam by:
The Junxion Crew

This started in the streets with thousands of revellers, march
bands and musicians, roving sound-systems and fire spinners,
cops and circus acts, helicopters and coast guard boats,
subway trains turned to dance parties, the night, the
water, the city as stage.

The photos below offer a hint of past events.

For more of all this now and into the future,

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